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General conditions of sale


1- Membership of the association Fleurs et Neige

It is necessary to become a member of the association Fleurs et Neige to get stay offer. This membership materialize by the payment of a annual subscription of 23€. It can’t be the object of repayment. The annual subscription is pay separately at the latest during the registration and accompagny the deposit payment. Membership cover one year of functioning. It give you the quaity of member of the assocition Fleurs et Neige but valid just for this year.

2- Price scale

A guarantee can be ask in your arrival. Any revision of grading scale applied will be out after the balance payment or at the end of the stay. For the accommodation in individual bedroom (according to disponibilities), a surcharge is required. Prices are published as a guide, subject to errors or omissions. There were etablished of the legal and fiscal environment base in force at the date of production from this document. They can be modify considering external evolutions. Prices are calculated : person for full-board or halfboard stay, – accomodation for the renting without catering. Renting without catering : the price depend on the size of the accommodation made available. We indicated the maximum capacity. The number of occupiers can’t be taller than the number of places indicated, or the number of persons quoted in the reservation agreement. Whatever it be your stay option, our prices included, for 8 days/7 nights : – the accommodation in a doble bedroom or familiar (in full-board and half-board), – in full-board (from the diner of the first day to the breakfast at the last day). In half-board (7 lunch or diners and 7 breakfast).

3- Reservation

To book at Fleur et Neige, it is necessary :

  • To fill the booking report and the membership report at the association Fleurs et Neige
  • To pay a deposit of 30% of the price of stay. The booking become definitive after write confirmation by the village in a extension of 15 days or the receipt of the deposit.
  • To pay the balance 30 days before the beginning of stay without reminder from us.

Any lateness in the regulation of the stay can lead to the cancellation of the booking. In this price, add, the tourist taxe.

4- Put the keys

It must be made from 16h until 20h the day of your arrival. This keys will have to be returned before 9h30 the day of your departure.

5- Holiday assistance

Holiday cheque

Fleur et Neige holiday village Cap France is certified by the national agency for cheque holiday (ANCV). Cheque holidays comes directly in deduction of your stay. They can be send the most rapidly.

Holiday voucher

Some families received « holiday voucher » assigned by the Caisses d’Allocations Familiales (CAF). We must remember some rules :

  • According to the regulation of CAF, holiday voucher are accepted in payment of the stay after the deposit payement
  • This holiday voucher are valid just for the period of holiday in your academy.
  • Just the original are valid. They can be send imperatively before the balance of the stay ; Fleurs et Neige absolves all responsibility in case of loss.
  • The repayment potential of to much perceive, can’t intervene after the end of the stay and after the repayment by the CAF, total corresponding.

6- Withdrawal, cancellation and cancellation insurance

Rules next are applied :

  • For all cancellation more of 30 days before the beginning of the stay : the deposit is preserve.
  • For all cancellation less 30 days before the beginning of the stay, the totality of the price of the stay rest owed
  • Any repayment is granted for an arrival at a late hour, an anticipated depature, absence during the stay, or meal take outside.
  • Overcome most of the dangers, we offered to take a cancellation insurance interrrupt, that is quickly recommend and must be subscribed at the time of the booking.
  • In case of cancellation or interruption by an event anticipated in the insurance agreement, you avoids in this way to have to support financial consequence of this cancellation or this interrupt.

Guaranteed of the insurance are included in the booklet with your reservation agreement.

7- Pets

Except special case (guide dog…), pets are not allowed in Fleurs et Neige.

8- Informatic and freedom rules

In compliance with the informatic y freedom rule of January 6th, 1978, you have to right to access and of correction of the data about you.
The booking at Fleurs et Neige implicated the acceptance complete and without reservation of the present general conditions of sale.